Teddy Bear Mod Pack

The Newest Mod Pack for Mope.io, By [TB] Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Mope.io Mod Pack is the newest, most advanced, and most popular collection of Mope.io modifications!

Meet your mope.

Choose from 4 preset themes: Spring (Default), Winter, Desert, Industrial. Choose from 6 bundled skinsets: Teddy Bear + Aqua, Desert, Jungle, Dinosaurs / Prehistoric, Birds, MopeX. Add your own skins. Change the music loop played on the menu. Enable glass spots or textured hills. And more. It's like an entirely new game, customized to your liking.

Vulture by Rhinochaarge, Tiger by Pike, Indominus Rex by SirNathan2000. All these and more are avaliable in Teddy Bear Mod Pack.

Set your sights.

Trackers, Transparent Bushes, & Ghost Mode help to take the mystery out of Mope. Trackers draw a straight line to predators, prey, other [TB] Players, or other Dragons/Krakens/Yetis, helping you better locate where those players are. They can be enabled/disabled to your liking, either through settings or using the hotkeys in-game. Trackers are highly recommend for new players, but can even help pros as well!

Transparent Bushes & Ghost Mode allow you peace of mind. No more worrying about predators hiding under bushes or underwater, because with these features enabled they are visible, even under hills. And of course, if at any time you'd like a stock gameplay experience, these features can be disabled in settings or in-game.

Play without hesitation. Or with hesitaion.

Optional auto-upgrade and auto-respawn allow you to jump directly to the next animal or game, without clicking a thing. Hold Animal Still allows you to keep your animal from slipping out of a hiding hole or moving while chatting, simply by holding down the H key. And, Disable Inactivity Timeout allows you to take breaks for longer than 15 minutes between games, up to an hour before losing any XP!

Chat just got better. And less dangerous.

No more hiding in holes just to say hi or spinning around to team and hoping the other player will understand. Save your five most commonly used chatlines, and with just two keystrokes you can instantly chat them in-game.

Mopers love Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear loves them back.

Teddy Bear Mod Pack has been featured on YouTube channels such as La Flame, Arena Closer, iStealth, Cacti Fin, and more. If you play Mope.io, you NEED this mod pack - download for free now! Visit Reddit Page (r/TeddyBearMods) The awesome fan-created subreddit for Teddy Bear Mod Pack! Here you can request skins/themes/features, report problems, ask questions, post screenshots of modded Mope.io! View the Media Library Videos from some great YouTubers who use Teddy Bear Mod Pack in their videos.

Get Teddy Bear Mod Pack

Download for Google Chrome Download For Opera Show Instructions for Firefox If using Opera: Open the downloaded file, a popup should appear about the extension being from an unverified source. This is because I cannot have it hosted it on the Opera store (unlike Chrome store) due to it relying on an external script located here. Click Go, find Teddy Bear Mod Pack, and click install. The mod pack is not permitted to access anything outside of Mope.io so it is safe to use.

Have the extension installed? Simply Play Mope.io If installed correctly for the first time, you will be greeted with a notification at the top.

Q & A

How can I customize skins, or change themes?
There are two methods of customizing skins using Teddy Bear Mod Pack:
The first and simplest one is to use a skin override name (such as [TB] Dinosaur) by clicking on the Skin Overrides link, then the name you wish to use. With this method, other users of the mod pack will also see the skins you do, unless they have purposefully disabled this feature.
The second method allows greater control, adding your own custom skins, and skinning of more than just yourself; but the downside is that only you will be able to see any skins you apply. Click the button with the gray icon of a dragon (located to the left of the name field) to access Custom Skin Settings. This will open Teddy Bear Mod Pack's advanced custom skin interface. At the top you will have options for skinset, which players to skin; below that will be a list of all animals currently skinned, and below that will be a list of the game's animals and on each fields for you to enter or paste a URL to reskin as well as rename the animal to fit your skin.

To change themes, use the selector under Theme: in the normal Mope.io settings pane, or keys 1, 2, 3, 4 to change themes in-game.

How do I enter, save chat lines, and chat them in-game?
Click the button located to the lower-left of the name field (below the one for custom skins) to enter your chat lines. Then in-game, press the C key and the corresponding number (keys 1-5) to chat that line.

Is it ok to use mods in Mope.io, will I get in trouble for doing so? Will using the mod pack allow me to cheat?
Mope.io's developer has made it clear he is not against mod packs or users of them. Mod packs only work with the server-limited information sent to/from any client, whether that client belongs to a mod pack or not, and therefore nothing which I would consider cheating. Transparent Spots and Ghost Mode can be disabled easily, without disabling or uninstalling the mod pack, if you would like a stock gameplay experience.
What Teddy Bear Mod Pack does NOT do: Bot mode or spawning bots (although in some games like Slither.io this is slightly more acceptable), multiple instances of animals, connecting to or trying to hack the sever outside of the normal game client.

I get a message that says Mope.io has just been updated. The game seems to work, but no mods. What does this mean?
Teddy Bear Mod Pack is only able to integrate into Mope.io by including its own modified version of the full game client; meaning when Mope.io updates, so must the mod pack to continue working.
If such a message appears, simply wait for Teddy Bear Mod Pack to be updated. It normally takes less than half a day. In the meantime, you should be able to play without disabling the extension completely; and when a new version is released, the mod pack will become usable the next time you load Mope.io with no action required on your part.

Privacy Policy:
Teddy Bear Mod Pack does not have any access to sites outside of Mope.io as defined in the extension's manifest.json, nor does it ask for or send any user data.
Reuse Policy & Contact:
Code reuse for competing mod packs is prohibited. In other cases, permission to reuse mod pack code in newclient.js may be granted.
Contact: devcontact@tbmods.io.